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2020 Varieties 



A delicious yellow to ivory cherry tomato. Very productive and produces buckets of sweet cherry tomatoes all summer long. Looks great mixed with Black Cherry Tomatoes! A must have.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

65 days from transplant.


One of the tastiest cherry tomatoes of the season. The dark purple cherry tomatoes are born in large clusters on very vigorous plants. A very sweet and delicious fruit. Great for eating out of hand or in summer salads. 

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

70 days from transplant.


Large plants produce large clusters of tiny creamy white fruit all summer long! The small fruit are half the size of regular cherry tomatoes and are very sweet. A very productive plant.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

75 days from transplant.


The Acadian cherry tomato is said to be an Acadian heirloom. This compact dwarf plant is perfect for growing in pots and produces an abundance of small, red cherry tomatoes. Disease resistant and slightly larger growing plants. Determinate.

60 days from transplant.


Our favorite cherry! Bright red, bite-size, extra sweet fruits are full of flavor. These are actually in between a cherry and a salad tomato for size. This old German heirloom boasts many clusters of 6 to 12 cherry tomatoes all summer long. It's indeterminate, crack resistant and very prolific. Proven tops for performance, flavour and wide adaptability. Indeterminate. 65 days from transplant.



The Blondkopfchen, aka Little Blonde Girl, is a delicious heirloom cherry tomato that comes from East Germany and has a delicious sugary flavor. This high yielding variety produces an abundance of small golden yellow 1″ fruits that grow in giant clusters. The Blondkopfchen is one of the best tasting cherry tomatoes as it has a high sugar content, is crack resistant and produces well until the first frost. Indeterminate 75 days from transplant.


Indigo Rose has the most extraordinary, dark purple-skinned tomatoes currently available. The flavour of these tomatoes is clean and clear, reminiscent of plums, with a slightly acidic sweetness you'll only find in home-grown tomatoes. The so-called "saladette" style fruits average 50g (1.7 oz.). Plants are hardy and have good disease resistance. As the fruit matures the skin will become purple where exposed to light and the fruit tends to have a purple crown. This is caused by the antioxidant anthocyanin reacting to the sun. The fruits are ripe when their skin colour changes from a shiny blue-purple to a dull purple-brown. The fruit also softens similarly to regular tomatoes, and the bottom of the tomatoes will turn from green to red when ripe. Semi-indeterminate (compact vine). 75 days from transplant.


Chefs love the luminous swirls of reds and oranges, inside the fruit and out! Everyone loves the sweet, fruity taste, too! Oblong little fruit weighs barely an ounce, and sometimes shows a pronounced beak at the blossom end. 


70 days from transplant.



This tomato comes from our friend Linda at Tree and Twig Farm. Linda is amazing at developing new, open-pollinated varieties. Here's Linda's description of the tomato and how it came to be:

"This is a tiny red currant tomato with blue shoulders that appeared in my fields many years ago. I continued to grow it out and stabilize it. A cross I assume between Red Currant and Blueberry. Prolific producer, tomatoes grow in sprays and are quite stunning. Unique sweet flavour. The more sunshine they get, the bluer they are. Terrific little self seeders if you can't pick them all.


70 days from transplant.



Produces small fruits and is very productive. The red fruit are pear shaped with a point on the bottom and average about an inch long. The determinate plants can easily be grown in large pots and are great for salads.

Determinate, regular leaf foliage.

60 days.

CABERNET: A great little grape tomato. Very flavourful. Excellent in salads, or just to munch on all by themselves.



SAN MARZANO: Many consider the San Marzano Heirloom Tomato to be THE plum tomato for making sauces. It has exceptionally good flavour. In some Italian towns it is said to be against the law to use any other variety for their pizza sauces. Ensure even watering and add eggshells to the soil for a bumper crop.  

Indeterminate, 80 days.

AMISH PASTE: Many seed savers believe this is the ultimate paste tomato. Giant, blocky, Roma type tomatoes have delicious red flesh that is perfect for paste and canning. It has world-class flavor and comes from an Amish community in Wisconsin. 

Indeterminate. 80 days.




Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, this is an excellent determinate heirloom tomato that is very productive. The small plants are literally covered with medium sized orange-red oblate fruit. The fruit have good flavor and are quite early. Because of the high production on such small plants some support should be given so the whole plant does not topple with the weight of the fruit. An excellent variety that is great for short growing seasons and small gardens. Determinate, regular-leaf foliage.

65 days from transplant.


A nice orange salad size tomato with 2 oz fruit. Very productive and blemish free.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

70 days from transplant.


Beautiful blemish free purplish black fruit with green stripes and phenomenal taste! The medium size round fruit weigh 4-6 oz and are produced in abundance. Excellent for adding colour to salads or slicing on a platter.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

75 days from transplant.


A Russian heirloom that is the same colour and shape as a lemon! The medium size fruit have dry flesh and are good for adding colour to salads or making yellow tomato sauce.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

70-75 days from transplant.


A sweet yet tangy and juicy mid sized tomato. Weighs approximately 125 gm (4 oz). Lovely in salads. It’s rich red colour is striped with yellow. An early season beauty. Will need to be staked. Heirloom, rare. 


75 days from transplanting. 



A medium sized tomato, with flavour similar to a beefsteak. We grow this little wonder because it is the first to produce ripe tomatoes- usually by the 2nd week of July!

Indeterminate. 50 Days.


42 DAY:

The best tomato for short season areas! The red salad size tomatoes have great taste, are extremely productive and early! Highly recommended!

Determinate; regular leaf foliage.

45-50 days from transplant.



Originally grown by the Cherokee Indians, this wonderful heirloom tomato is a dark purplish pink colour and often has green shoulders. The large fruit average 12 oz. and are delicious. One of our favourites for flavour! The plants are very productive and reliable. One of the best!

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

75-80 days from transplant.

COSMONAUT VOLKOV: This Ukranian tomato with an odd name is the hands-down winner in our taste tests. Large, deep red globes have a complex sweet/tart flavour and a wonderful aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. An amazing sandwich tomato! Semi-determinate.

70 days


A Russian heirloom with mahogany brown colored fruit and olive green shoulders. The fruit average 8-10 oz. and have a nice rich flavour. 

Determinate. Potato-leaf foliage. 

70 days from transplant.



A zesty taste and a luscious texture endowed with the perfect balance of sweet and acid, juice and flesh. Plants are vigorous, disease-resistant, and high-yielding. Medium sized fruits are very crack resistant and keep producing until cold weather sets in. Orange color adds a nice touch when sliced in salads and it’s wonderful roasted too. Good choice for those in northern climates. 

Indeterminate. 75 days from transplant.



This heirloom is from New Zealand and is one of the best tasting full size orange tomatoes. The flavour is rich, sweet and tart all at once. The texture is smooth and meaty. Fruits are uniformly round, blemish free and resistant to cracking and blossom end rot. This is an English heirloom dating back to the seventh earl of Edgecombe. When the 6th earl of Edgecombe died the next in line was a sheep farmer in New Zealand. When he returned to claim the title, this tomato traveled with him. Indeterminate. 73 days from transplant.


Plant produces good yields of 1 to 2 lb bi-colored orange-yellow beefsteak tomatoes with some rosy-red coloring. It has the rich old-fashioned tomato flavor. They are very sweet, juicy, and flavorful. Very lovely and beautiful tomato! Also known as Ruby Gold Tomato.


75 days from transplant,


This all purpose Italian heirloom tomato is great for eating fresh, canning, or salsa. The fruit are easy to peel and have great taste. The abundance of luscious red 1 lb fruit will amaze you. Highly recommended!

Indeterminate. 75-80 days from transplant.



JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELE: Despite the name, this tomato comes from deep within Russia! A potato leaf variety that yields tons of mahogany-coloured fruit in the shape of a pear and literally about the same size. The flavour and taste is unparalleled. The luscious fruit seems to never stop producing gobs of tomatoes all summer season. You will not need to plant more than a few plants. Excellent for fresh eating, and makes a rich complex tomato sauce. Indeterminate. Potato leaf foliage. 80 days.


An old Russian variety originally brought to North America by Seed Savers Exchange. The gorgeous fruit is 3-4 inches in diameter, blemish free and a golden orange colour similar to persimmon, hence the name. One of the best tasting gold orange tomatoes available. The plants are also determinate so excellent for a planter pot. One of the best!

Determinate, regular leaf foliage.

80 days from transplant.


These healthy plants produce heavy yields of deep red beefsteaks that average 1 lb. A great slicer that is very dense and meaty with exceptional taste and aroma. Excellent producer.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

80 days from transplant.



My favourite tomato of the season! Originally from Germany, the fruit are breathtaking with yellow mottling and stripes on a red background. It really does look like fireworks! The fruit average 10-12 oz and have good flavor. A must for every tomato collector.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

80 days from transplant.


Brandywine, which dates back to 1885, is the heirloom tomato standard. One taste and you'll be enchanted by its superb flavor and luscious shade of red-pink. The large, beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright, potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late-and are worth the wait. Brandywine's qualities really shine when it develops an incredible fine, sweet flavor. Indeterminate, potato leaf foliage.

85 days from transplant.


True Black Brandywine Tomato Seeds originated with William Woys Weaver of Pennsylvania who claimed that his grandfather obtained seed from breeder Dr. Harold E. Martin in the late 1920s. The dark purplish black fruit are 8-12 oz. and have a very nice flavor.

Indeterminate, potato leaf foliage.

85 days from transplant.


A really exciting new heirloom variety! Seed was given to Carolyn Male by J. Tarbox of MA who obtained some tomatoes from Larry Kukla which this variety is named after. Larry Kukla obtained the seed from a man who brought them from Portugal. The large red tomatoes average 1 lb or more and are quite productive.

Indeterminate, potato leaf.

85 days from transplant.

MARIZOL GOLD: A beautiful bicolour heirloom from Germany. It does exceptionally well producing large amounts of huge 2 lb. gold and red marbled fruit. In most years the fruit are relatively crack free and the taste is delicious and juicy. A wonderful tomato that is beautiful sliced to show the red marbling inside. 

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

90 days from transplant.


A very popular heirloom that originates from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. The medium to large size fruit are oblate and usually have numerous cracks around the stem end. The colour varies according to the climate but generally the hotter the climate the darker the fruit. In our climate the fruit are a dark purplish color with green shoulders and the taste is intense. Definitely one of the tastiest tomatoes that I have ever eaten. Excellent for slicing, salads, and tomato sandwiches. Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage. 85 days from transplant.


 Wonderful heirloom beef-steak style tomato. Originally cultivated in Castelfranco, Italy. Large (4-5") diameter fruit with bright red skin and juicy, meaty flesh. The flavour is incredibly sweet and delicious.

Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.

80 days from transplant.

JAN'S GIANT (No picture available):

A new variety for us from seeds given to us from our good friend Jan. Jan has grown this lovely huge red slicing tomato for many years. Fruit ranges 1-2 pounds, bright red and smooth skin.


90 days from transplant.


A big, meaty tomato. Actually, it’s more like huge and meaty! 3 lb tomatoes are possible from this monster. It has a pink-red flesh and thin skin, and the flavour is amazing! Its huge size, meaty texture, and great flavour make it perfect for fresh eating, especially sliced, in a sandwich.

This variety comes to us from our friend Emma Biggs, who describes how she obtained it:

When Dad worked near Montreal, he had a favourite customer, George, who always brought in traditional Lebanese foods like baklava, green almonds, and the Lebanese cucumbers that he grew in his greenhouse. One day, Dad visited George’s place and George gave him a beautiful, large tomato. Dad asked what variety it was—and George simply told him that it’s the tomato from the mountains in Lebanon.

That’s the story behind Lebanese Mountain.


90-105 days from transplant.